Hip-Hop Has Saved My Life

9 09 2011

Lupe is causing a Fiasco up in the Amphitheatre! Opening with “Letting Go,” Lupe rolled into a medley of “Word I Never Said,” “Down,” and the highlight of the night so far has been a smashing version of “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now!” Lupe got the crowd moving even more with “Go Go ‘Miltown’ Gadget Flow.”

Lupe keeps on bringing the classics with “Paris, Tokyo” and “Out of My head” from the new album ‘Lasers.’ Stay tuned!!

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We’re almost there!

9 09 2011

Prophetic is tearing up the stage at PANTHERFEST….. RIGHT NOW! Get in here, the party’s just started! Prophetic and his crew are putting fuel on the fire and pumping up your fellow students for Lupe and Girl Talk as the crowds filter into the Marcus Amphitheater for the event of the year.

We cannot wait to see Lupe Fiasco! We’re thinking he’ll open with “Til I get There” and close with “The Must Go On,” what do you think he’ll play? Fingers crossed for some “Kick, Push” tonight!

We are a mere 10 minutes away from Lupe Fiasco’s triumphant return to UWM…. Are you ready Milwaukee?

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9 09 2011

PANTHERFEST’s doors are officially open and the countdown to Lupe Fiasco and Girl Talk is on!

The Euro Bungee is bouncing, the slide is inflated (yes! inflated) and our awesome musical acts are warming up. The Student Association and the Panther basketball teams are giving out tons of free swag and Pounce the Panther mascot brought his dancing shoes so while the night gets cooler, Pantherfest just gets hotter!

Come check it out at the Henry Mair Summerfest Grounds on the lakefront. Time’s running out for preferred seating!

Passion for Fashion?

3 09 2010

Okay, so it’s not Project Runway, but at least you can afford the clothes!

Come check out the Bookstore runway show, “Panther Fashion on the Concourse!” It’s Tuesday, September 7th at noon.

The fashion show will feature some of the new clothes the UWM Bookstore has to offer, all modeled by students! There will even be a steel-drum band serenading our supermodels down the runway.

Don’t miss the show! Noon sharp! See you there!


Discover SCUBA = Awesome!

31 08 2010

Hey everyone,

So, here’s my official report on the “Discover SCUBA” Campus KickOff activity I did this afternoon: absolutely mind-blowing!

Like I said in an earlier blog, I suspected there would be some sort of training before we got into the water at Klotsche Pool. The guide could only take a group of eight people, so we all signed the paperwork and got a quick overview of rules to ensure our safety.

Then, we jumped in the water. First everyone practiced breathing in the SCUBA gear, and then it was time to go under. We did some exercises just beneath the surface in the shallow-end of the pool so we wouldn’t panic when 15-feet under the water in the deep end. Then we all did a quick lap under-water in the shallow end.

After that, the SCUBA teacher used hand motions under water to guide us towards the diving end of the pool.

As soon as we all approached the drop-off, someone standing near the pool threw a bunch of diving toys and plastic rockets in the pool for us to play with.

The next half hour was just AWESOME! Everyone swam at the deep end of the pool and stayed submerged the whole time! We did flips, played catch with plastic rockets, and found a couple Band-Aids! There was even a window under the surface at the deep-end where you can see all the equipment that cleans the pool in an adjacent room!

All-in-all, this Campus KickOff activity was an A+.

If you want to try it for yourself, don’t fear! Discover SCUBA is being taught again tomorrow, September 1st, 2010 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. There’s a class at 1 p.m. and another around 3 p.m.

Happy diving!

Discover SCUBA, today!

31 08 2010

I’m beyond excited for today’s event! It’s called “Discover SCUBA” and is being held at the Klotsche Pool from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

It’s my final year here at UWM, and I have wanted to try this SCUBA event EVERY year, but something always comes up (AKA, I’m lazy and forget about the event).

However, this year is different! I have nothing going on, and am dying to finally dive deep into the Klotsche Pool. I’m guessing there’ll be some sort of training for a while beforehand so nobody drowns or has a panic attack while 10-feet-deep underwater. I’m just wondering how much time I’ll get to swim around down there?

I’ll make sure to update soon to let y’all know how it went. There’s another class scheduled for tomorrow, so if you miss today, check it out from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. tomorrow!

Wish me luck!

Hellboy at UWM tonight!

30 08 2010

Hey all!
There are only a few more days left of summer vacation, but that’s no reason sulk at home! Hit the Union Theatre tonight at 7 P.M. to catch Hellboy, part of the Theatre’s Monster Movie series.

Personally, I think this movie is awesome, and I have honestly seen it over 20 times. Superheroes? Action? Monsters? Count me in!

So, don’t forget. The only Campus KickOff event for tonight is Hellboy in the Union Theatre. It’s FREE and totally open for anyone who want’s to participate.

I’ll see you there!