Speed Meet

10 09 2010

Students came to meet other UWM students in the Union Concourse last night, as they participated in the “Speed Meet” event.

You may have heard of speed dating, however, speed meeting is where you make friends and meet new people.

Students gather in the Concourse to meet new friends.

Each student had a name tag and was assigned to a certain table. Students were then given about 3-5 minutes to get to know one another before the piano began playing. And when it did, students were to switch places.

Open to all UWM students, the Speed Meet started at 6:00pm and finished at 7:30pm.  By the end of the night, everyone seemed happy and many friendships were formed.

Because of the great turnout of this event, current and future students can look forward to next year’s Speed Meet.  Don’t miss out for next year!!

Signing off,



Student Organizations and University Departments in Spaights Plaza

8 09 2010

The Campus Expo in the Spaighs Plaza will be open to all students from 10am-2pm today!

Various student organization officers and University departments have their own flyers, brochures, pens and candies to hand out.

PRSSA, Undergraduate Research Opportunity, Latino Student Union, the Boys and Girls Club, American Indian Student Services, Epikos and Japanese Animation Association are just a few of the many resources available here at the University.

Liz Van Lysal and Matt Crouse from University Housing were present to discuss employment opportunities for students-the Resident Assistant. This position would include the undergraduate or graduate student to work on campus as counselors and build relationships with the community. A stipend is provided for RAs as well as a single room and board plan (a $9000 value).

Stop down quickly at the Campus Expo to learn more about the growing opportunities available for you!


Traditional 5-Year Corn Roast

8 09 2010

Student Association is out on this sunny day to roast roughly 800 ears of organic, Wisconsin-grown corn (donated by Restaurant Operations), from 10am-2pm in the Spaights Plaza.

Anthony DeWees, Chief of Staff for SA, and Erika Wolf, Field Organizer for the United Council of UW Students, are talking with students about registering to vote and about a registration drive in the Union from September 20-23.

Make sure you stop by the SA booth at PANTHERFEST on Friday, September 10 to compete in a race to milk a cow and watch SA announce last year’s Rec Center Tour winner, C-Piepz perform!


A back-to-school House Party, right on campus!

7 09 2010

Hey everyone! With school back in full swing, it’s time to start balancing work and fun. Lucky for you guys, there’s a House Party in the Union tomorrow: Wednesday, September 8 from 2pm to 5pm. Come hang out all afternoon if you can, or just stop by between classes!

There will be lots of fun things to do all over the Union. Everything will be marked with signs, so just come by and participate in whatever event draws you in. Some great things to look forward to include:

-back massages near the Union Theatre

-button making in the Studio Arts and Craft Centre

-henna tattoos in the Multicultural Student Lounge

-caricatures in the Union Art Gallery

And more! Be sure to come check out the Union House Party tomorrow, because let’s face it: we already need a little break from our first week of class.

See you there!


Rock Climbing in the Spaights Plaza!

7 09 2010

As part of Campus KickOff, the Union Adventure Center has a free experience for students to rock climb on the Adventure Rock.

Adventure Center program coordinator, Liz Rickaby, will be outside handing out flyers for upcoming events during the semester.

This exciting event will last until 2 p.m. today so get in line and get ready to rock climb!

Thanks to Richie Franz, UWM student Freshmen, for rock climbing on this windy and sunny day!


Discover Milwaukee

2 09 2010

Still in the summer mood for some outdoor activities? How about a night of socializing over a game of bowling and pool? Just because school has started, doesn’t mean this isn’t an option!

The Union’s Recreation & Adventure Center have a wide variety of activities and trips. To see what they all have to offer, stop in TONIGHT for Discover Milwaukee. It will be going from 6:00-11:45 in the Union Recreation Center.

They will give you some enjoyable information that can keep you entertained throughout the school year, not to mention you’ll get FREE FOOD, soda, and a photo.

See you there!

Experience Diversity

1 09 2010

The Experience Diversity at the UWM Zelazo Center is beneficial for incoming multicultural freshmen!

This five-hour event starts at 12:30pm with various campus departments and services speaking to these freshmen, UWM professors from all sorts of academic fields and even current UWM student panelist speakers.

Representatives from B.O.S.S., UW Credit Union, the LGBT Center, Roberto Hernandez Center, Student Association and Women’s Resource Center are just a few great departments that are helping facilitate this great experience!

From Kwame and Mychoua!