9 09 2011

Lupe Fiasco has left the building and the fireworks have taken center stage! Look to the Milwaukee sky for a halftime show!


Hip-Hop Has Saved My Life

9 09 2011

Lupe is causing a Fiasco up in the Amphitheatre! Opening with “Letting Go,” Lupe rolled into a medley of “Word I Never Said,” “Down,” and the highlight of the night so far has been a smashing version of “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now!” Lupe got the crowd moving even more with “Go Go ‘Miltown’ Gadget Flow.”

Lupe keeps on bringing the classics with “Paris, Tokyo” and “Out of My head” from the new album ‘Lasers.’ Stay tuned!!

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We’re almost there!

9 09 2011

Prophetic is tearing up the stage at PANTHERFEST….. RIGHT NOW! Get in here, the party’s just started! Prophetic and his crew are putting fuel on the fire and pumping up your fellow students for Lupe and Girl Talk as the crowds filter into the Marcus Amphitheater for the event of the year.

We cannot wait to see Lupe Fiasco! We’re thinking he’ll open with “Til I get There” and close with “The Must Go On,” what do you think he’ll play? Fingers crossed for some “Kick, Push” tonight!

We are a mere 10 minutes away from Lupe Fiasco’s triumphant return to UWM…. Are you ready Milwaukee?

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Ring that bell!

9 09 2011

The line is moving fast but the DJ plays on! Lupe hits the stage at 8pm, followed by a firework show and Girl Talk at 10pm! We hear the fastest pitch at the baseball throwing tent is in the 60s and we have witnessed hundreds of UWM students and faculty dominating the bell ring game! Union Programming’s own Becca Grassl was one of the first to ring the bell:

The Summerfest Grounds are clearing out, folks! We can hear Lupe doing scales from outside the Amphitheater as the crowd swarms the doors to get a good seat. Time’s running out! Come join the fun! There’s still time to enter to win a YEAR’S WORTH OF TUITION and tons of awesome prizes before Campus Kick-off Week ends with a bang!


9 09 2011

PANTHERFEST’s doors are officially open and the countdown to Lupe Fiasco and Girl Talk is on!

The Euro Bungee is bouncing, the slide is inflated (yes! inflated) and our awesome musical acts are warming up. The Student Association and the Panther basketball teams are giving out tons of free swag and Pounce the Panther mascot brought his dancing shoes so while the night gets cooler, Pantherfest just gets hotter!

Come check it out at the Henry Mair Summerfest Grounds on the lakefront. Time’s running out for preferred seating!

Get ready for PantherFest 2011!

9 09 2011

PantherFest 2011!

25 08 2011

Check out the New Video for PantherFest 2011! This Years lineup will be: Lupe Fiasco and Girl Talk!